Weaponry does not bring peace


Today I want to touch upon an article I recently read, well a few of them actually (Link 1, Link 2).

Those two articles are horrifying. Why should we start carrying guns? I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this ends up being a war instead of making people realise that being gay is not a sin.

Sadly not much has actually changed since Shepard’s slaughter almost 20 years ago. There were 1,260 anti-LGBT incidents reported in 1998, versus 1,402 in 2011, the most recent year for which numbers are available. -Rollingstone

According to their sources the numbers have changed to the worse but at the same time we are getting better too. I mean being able to marry in every state is pretty awesome and a huge step forward in general. I also feel like there is so much more that we can achieve with being less violent, projects like NOH8 for example. If more people knew about it I’m sure we would achieve a lot more.

I also feel like this is an extremely bad influence on young people who are either still in the process of coming out or still finding themselves, what do you think of it? Would you really like to come out if you knew you might get shot? In addition to being afraid of your parents and friends reaction you now would have to be afraid of getting shot… Merely the thought makes me scared of even writing this post.

Clubs like this are feeding the misunderstanding of gays being something bad. We are just making more reasons to hate ourselves like this. We should show we are peaceful and as safe to be around as everyone else.

Standing at 5-feet-10 inches and 185 pounds, broad-shouldered Bloovman regularly carries a loaded Glock 17, a spare magazine, two different types of knives, pepper spray, a flashlight and a medical trauma kit that includes Russell Chest Seal, a product that does just what it name suggests. He also owns an AR-15, a weapon very similar to the one Mateen used to devastating effect at Pulse. – Rollingstone

If one of my friends would carry something like this I would think they have joined a group of terrorists or something. This is definitely not normal for a hetero so why should it be normal for a gay person? I want to emphesise on the last sentence of the quote, this shows that people are on the same level as the shooter was.

Are we 5 or are we older? This mentality of hitting someone just because they hit us is not okay. Why are we fighting fire with fire when we can fight fire with water?

The guy who is being interviewed said he is also worried about general saftey but the saftey of his loved ones is a lot more important to him. In addition to not allowing gays to carry guns how about we change the gunlaw so that no one wouldn’t have that easy of an access towards guns?

To finish off my passionate opinion on the materials I want to say that of course it’s not safe but we also have to understand that nowadays it’s not safe for anyone. It’s not only about homophobes being a threat to us but it’s also what we make ourselves look like. Do we want to look like raging gunnuts who also happen to be sinners or do we want to seem as normal and as average as everyone else are? It’s all about how we want others to see us and what we show to others.

I hope my thoughts made you think a little more before taking a gun to protect yourself.



Update on this blog

Hey Hey It’s me!

I want to tell you that we haven’t forgotten about this blog and there are updates coming.

Jess and I are working on a coop story , we’re planning to continnue the story of William and Rose.

I’m going to move all of my creative stuff here so there would be constant updates and I’m also going to start to write my tbr’s and my months wrap ups here (I will explain more in depth when either of those posts will occur).

We are still planning to continue the Book Club but we have no idea how to manage it for now so when we have it worked out we shall continue with that too.