Eternal Vampyre: Chapter 4, Rose

Rose had been walking for a few weeks. Her skin was slightly burned from where she hadn’t been careful in the sunlight, but she wasn’t paying much attention to her vampyrism. Her feet had blisters from all the walking and she knew she had to stop soon. She found somewhere to sit in the forest she had found a few days ago and let out a deep sigh. She was tired and wanted to sleep so badly, but she couldn’t get the image of Vlad out of her mind. He had really scared her, so much so that it was haunting her. She usually had feelings about people, whether they were good or not, but Vlad has something different about him. He seemed  . . . evil. It’s the only word she could use to describe. Nothing like her caring husband.
Her husband. Oh yes, she reminded herself, I forgot about him. She suddenly felt guilty about leaving him with no proper explanation. She wasn’t ready to tell him about the time vampyres had threatened her family. How terrified she was of them. That wasn’t to say she had anything against being a vampyre; she enjoyed the powers it gave her, how it made her feel. But she hated the fact that she was like one of them. She remembered the two men that came into her parents’ garden as she was playing with the dolls her grandmother gave her. She may have been a young woman, but she loved the dolls dearly. The vampyres, she later found out, were on a hunt, even though it was quite early in the day. She waved to them, but they marched past her, trampling the flower bed her mother spent so much time on. They’d gone into her house and taken her parents. Apparently the men had been threatening her mother and father for some time, but they never once told her.
After that Rose had isolated herself until she met William. He had helped her through the tough time she had faced, even if he wasn’t aware of it. He had offered to turn her into a vampyre and she agreed. At first she was reluctant, to the change, but as they grew closer she became happier. The memories she had connected to being a vampyre disappeared and they were better memories. She sometimes thought about who those men were, but she knew that when she find them, they’d pay for it.

She shook herself out of her journey down memory lane and got up. She decided she would write another letter to William and say she was coming home, as long as Vlad wouldn’t be there. She felt much calmer than she had done after being around Michael and Vlad for a while, they riled her up in way she wasn’t used to. She had wondered once whether they were connected in someway to her parents’ disappearance but she waved it off.

Rose wrote the letter in a scrawl, very unlike her usual neat handwriting and held on to it as tightly as she could. She marched through the woods and walked for a few miles before she came to a village. She sighed as she found a letterbox and posted the letter through the gap. Human life seemed so tempting, but she couldn’t think about it for long otherwise she’d get too attached and it’d hurt her even more.

It seemed like forever to walk back to the home she had with William, even though she knew it wasn’t long at all. She thanked her good sense of direction to find the right paths that led her pretty much back the way she came. She was slowed by her soreness but the promise she had made to William was her driving force to get back home.


Eternal Vampyre

Chapter One

They woke up just after midnight, tired from the day before’s happenings. Rose had managed to get some sleep, much to William’s relief. He didn’t get as much sleep, as he kept waking up to check on Rose. He sent a thought to her to let her know he’d get their breakfast ready and that she should stay in their coffin. She tried to protest and moved to get up, but William pushed her back down and repeated his order. She nodded and curled back up.
William went to the kitchen and gathered up the blood bags. He noticed they were running low, so thought he could use the excuse of a hunt to mask his meeting with his brother.

He went back to the bedroom and knocked on the coffin “Your breakfast, mademoiselle,” he did it with an extremely bad French accent so they both bursted out laughing. When they had calmed down William told Rose that he needs to get some more blood bags and that he’ll be back in 3 hours. He also told her to check to the library, which was in the 2nd floor. Rose was slightly confused, but said her goodbyes to William and made her way to the library.

She climbed the stairs and opened the door the library. She loved the smell of the books, they were all old and dusty. She loved the old hardback covers, much better than the modern paperbacks that people seemed to use. She saw on the table a big book. She tilted her head in curiousity and walked over to it. She picked it up and turned it over a few times. It was a brown book but with no inscriptions anywhere on the cover. She opened it to a random page and a dried rose fell out. She laughed to herself and picked it up. She took the rose and went to put it away to her flower frames she had set up few weeks ago. Next to the flower frames she saw a small chest, it had her next clue in it, she felt like she was a little kid again. She opened the chest and inside it was an old fashioned key, one like her mother used to wear around her neck on a chain. She picked it up and noticed a small piece of string tied to it. Immediately a memory came to her of the garden room, something she and William had been working on for a couple of years. It was a very happy memory. William had gotten bored of the flowers so decided to splash her with water from the hose. She knew she shouldn’t have trusted him with it.

She picked up her dress and ran down the two flights of stairs to the garden room, unlocking the partial glass door with the key. She found her next clue there. It was a small claw and immediately she knew she had to go to William’s personal room. She took the claw and went there. It was messy so she had hard time but finally she had found what she was looking for.

Another chest, another clue. It was smaller chest than the ones she had found before. Inside contained a small piece of paper. She reached out and unfurled it. Written on it in familiar curved writing was a message. It read:

My dear Rose,

I hope you enjoyed your trail and the memories I know it will have brought to you. Meet me at the chapel, I know you liked it there. I’ll have brought my friend with me. He can help you.

Love forever,


Rose got really excited. She ran down to the chapel and wanted to see who that person was. She opened the doors and immediately saw William with his friend. Rose didn’t recognise him. She knew most of William’s friends but he was someone she had never met. He was taller than William and looked pretty creepy, he had a stern face and he creeped Rose out.

William walked up to her and hugged her because he had felt how she feels about him.
“Rose, this is my friend Vlad,” he gestured to him. “He knows a lot about vampyres. Kind of an expert, if you will. He’s quite an age, if he doesn’t mind me saying.”
“Not at all, dear friend. Now, Rose, what a lovely woman you are,” he smiled in a peculiar way. “Tell me, what has been going on in your mind.”
Rose crossed her arms and turned her head to the side. William shook his head and sent a thought to Rose saying she should trust Vlad.
“Fine. Every time I’ve got angry about something, I’m uncontrollable. That’s it.” Vlad nodded, he had seen stuff like that before. It wasn’t that common but he sees it from time to time, he just didn’t expect it to happen with such a great friend like William was.


Eternal Vampyre: Wedding Reception


William and Rose arrived at their reception to thunderous applause from human and vampyre friends alike. They smiled graciously and made their way further into the building, waving a hello to all their friends. They went to the table at the back of the building, which was situated on a platform, overlooking the rest of the room.

“So this is what it’s like to be married…” whispered Rose. William just nodded and replied to her in their thoughts: “Yes, this is what it’s like to be married.” They sat down and their servants started to serve the dinner. Humans got a fancy dinner, it combined the present and the past and everyone really enjoyed it. They served the same for vampyres but they didn’t really eat it, they just drank their “wine”.

After the dinner was over, William tapped the side of his wine glass and stood up.

“I’d like to say a few words,” he announced, looking at his newly wedded wife. “Thank you all for coming here, friends. We’re not usually ones to show emotions-” at this point everyone nodded and laughed “-but obviously it is an emotional time and we’re very happy you were here to share it with us.” Rose disturbed his speech with a random thought: “Most of them seem uncomfortable here.” William made an awkward pause in his speech as they were discussing it with Rose, then he continued: “We hope you’ll enjoy the evening. Now let’s dance!” As he had finished his speech, he asked Rose for a dance. Everyone who knew William, knew that this won’t be a regular reception.

They stepped onto the dance floor. William turned Rose around and held her in his arms. A slow song came over the speakers, one he had specifically picked for the moment. It was a song from the late 1800s. It was a song which William composed when they met with Rose, he had never played it for her and decided now was the right time to play it for her.

People watched as the pair danced and it seemed so magical to them. They thought it was something so pure and raw but at the same time the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen. Once the song had finished, the guests all clapped, bringing William and Rose out of their trance. They shook their heads slightly, before motioning to their friends to join in the merriment.
“I need to talk to you,” Rose sent to William via their thoughts. “It’s important.” William looked over to her and they started walking back to their table.
“What is it?” He whispered to her.
“The guests. They’re not happy. I can sense it.” William glanced over the crowd assembled and tuned into their feelings. You could see and even feel the tension in the air. William got worried, Rose sensed it and sent another thought to William: “Maybe we should end the party here, it’s getting late anyways”. William checked his watch and it was 4 am. “We still have some time, are you sure it’ll end bad?” Rose just looked at him and nodded.
“We have to go now or they will come.” William knew instantly who they were and made his way down the floor.
“If I could have your attention please!” He shouted over the noise. “We feel it is time for this party to end. We have to be heading home soon, anyway. Thank you once again for coming here, it really does mean a lot to us. Take the favours from your tables and enjoy. Good night, friends.” The crowd kept murmuring but made their way to the respective tables. William sent a thought out to Rose, to call her to him. It took a second for Rose to stand next to him. They stood by the doorway and started to send people away but instead of sending people away, more guests came, they came.

“I heard there’s a vampyre wedding with live desserts!” the oldest one of them said. William recognised him and said: “You won’t get your dessert here Michael!”
“Why not dear brother?” the older one gave a sly smile.
“Because these are our friends, and if you touch them I swear I’ll-”
“You swear you’ll do what?” He laughed mercilessly. “We all know how that turned out last time, don’t we?” He turned to his group with a grin on his face, knowing he had shut his brother up.
“Yes, we do. This time I am stronger, brother. I have new blood within me, I have the power of love on my side too.”
“‘The power of love’?! Dear boy, you’ve gone soft. Vampyres do not love, you know we don’t. Whatever . . . feelings,” He turned his nose up at the word. “You have for this woman, are completely made up. You can either let us have a bit of dessert or put up a fight. Which would you rather?” William knew his brother was trying to get to him, trying to manipulate his thoughts as he always did, but he resisted. Rose was sending him calming thoughts to try to keep him under control. Rose was completely in William’s mind but Michael’s words were extremely powerful and hurt him a lot. William knew he probably wouldn’t win Michael even though he seemed to have been starving himself for at least a decade. William was clueless. He didn’t know what to do. All he knew was that he has to fight with his brother again and he told Rose that as well. As William and Michael argued, Rose got all of the vampyres together and were ready for a fight. “Others are ready to fight,” said Rose with a new kind of determination in her voice.
“As long as I can have Michael,” replied WIlliam with a quick thought.

“Come here little brother, lets fight,” said William as he jumped to attack Michael.William grabbed Michael by the shoulders and forced him to the floor. Michael looked slightly concerned at his brother’s new strength, he had not expected him to be right. He gained the strength to get back up on his feet and push William over.
Meanwhile Rose and the other vampyres were attacking Michael’s group. They had managed to pin a couple down, whereas some had decided to retreat. The determination of Rose’s group was clear, they were not going to back down. Rose suddenly got a sharp pain in her stomach and clutched it. She stumbled back slightly, meaning the vampyre she had been tackling had pounced on her. She turned her head towards where William and Michael had been fighting to see that Michael had clawed at William’s stomach. Although vampyres don’t bleed like humans, a red trickle was seen exiting the wound. Rose was worried about it but she kept on fighting. Soon she killed Michael’s last friend and said to Michael: “You’re all alone now, don’t you think the power of love is strong after all?” Michael saw it and realised he had been wrong. He ran off and no-one knew where he went. William was observing Rose the whole time she had said it and he was a bit worried. Rose had looked like an animal, fierce and full of hate. “Are you okay, honey?” William sent a worried message to her. Rose whispered her answer: “Now that he’s gone, yes.” William could see Rose relaxing so he went and kissed her.

Eternal Vampyre: Wedding Special (Rose)

I woke up when the moon rose. My stomach was unsettled and my head was spinning. I got up out of my coffin, trying to stop the nerves. I smiled to myself when I saw the beautiful dress I had laid out the night before. One of my human friends had helped me make it. I had become very fond of it.

I went to the dining room and longed to see William standing there, with the usual two blood bags in his hands, but I was alone. I fetched a blood bag for myself out of the cupboard, as I preferred warmer blood to calm my nerves. After I had finished, I called up one of my human friends to help me get things ready. She came over pretty quickly, or as fast as a human can, I suppose. She smiled at me and packed me off to the bedroom where she sat me at the dressing table.

A few hours later, my hair and make up (I favoured the “goth” style, as you humans would call it) was complete. I rose from my seat and made my way to the dress. It was a royal blue velvet dress. The material had been pretty easy to come by, although I’m sure my human friend had other thoughts on how we obtained it. She helped me get it on and told me I looked beautiful. She positioned me in the front of the mirror – and I hope I don’t sound too vain when I say this but I had to agree with her. The royal blue complemented my pale skin and the make up went well with it. I hugged her and bid her farewell, that I’d see her at the reception afterwards.

It was quarter-past one when I had finally finished getting myself composed. I made my out of the house and towards the beach that we had picked for our wedding. My nerves had come back as I was left to my thoughts. I tried to shoo them out of my mind, but by the time I had done so, I was nearing the beach.

I saw him, sat on the sand. I smiled to myself and walked up to him, knowing he’d be able to hear my footsteps if he was listening out for me. He didn’t move, so I whispered into his ear,
“I’m here.” He turned round at the sound of my voice, hugging me.

We went through the process of the marriage, which in vampyre world is drinking each other’s venom. So if one of us were to die, the other will too. We do get very lonely, if we’re left to our own devices. After we had finished, we turned to walk to our reception.
“Together, forever?” He asked.
“Together, for an eternity.” I replied, a smile still on my face.