30 Day Reading Challenge – Week 2


Can you believe we’re on the second week of our challenge already? It seems to be flying by!


This week I am experiencing the same things that Jess does. I enjoy reading the book and I understand all of the vocabulary there (which is simpler than I anticipated) but I can’t comprehend much of the themes on it (which I need to  for next week since I have to present them in class).

I didn’t read much which might be the reason for that. I only read 30 pages but at least I am thinking about reading more and I’m trying to prioritise it a bit more.

Currently reading: J. Galthsworthy “The Man of Property”


My view on the book from last week remains unchanged. I’m enjoying reading it but it feels I’m reading for the sake of it. Again, I’m not sure if the point of the book is going way over my head, but so far it feels like any other book I’ve read recently – reading for reading’s sake. It’s hard to explain but I’m nearing the end of the book now so all being well I shall be on to my next book by the end of this week!

Pages read: Once again I haven’t been tracking the pages I’ve read very well but I think I’ve gone up another 30-40 pages!

Currently reading: The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger


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