Killed by a Turtle: Chapter 2

Luna decided to go for a walk and to get to know her new hometown. She started getting emotional, she wasn’t sure what exactly made her cry but for starters, she blamed the wind blowing in her eyes. Throughout the whole walk she was fussing with herself because she didn’t want to cry, she kept thinking to herself that she shouldn’t cry on the street. Luna arrived to the street she lived in and this is where she couldn’t take it anymore. She almost ran to her house tears streaming down her face, a few houses before her home it started raining.

As Luna stepped into the house she felt that something was wrong. Luna felt the presence of the demons, they were there. Sometimes Luna got lucky and the demons weren’t after her so she tried to sneak in her apartment without the demons noticing her tracks. This time she was close and the demons didn’t find her.

The girl let out a small sigh of relief as she stepped in her appartment. Then her mind started racing, “How could they have already picked up my track? Before coming here I made sure I mixed them really well…” Luna didn’t know what to do, she even thought about running again but then she decided to stay. She walked past the mirror and saw herself and how horrible she looked, her hair was wet and her ruined make up made her look like a panda. Luna sighed once more and brought her make up removal wipes. Luna looked in the mirror again and realised that she looks just like one of her demons. The oldest one, or that’s what she thought because this demon has been chasing her ever since she had her first encounter with the demons. This was also the demon who explained her the rules of the Chase.

The demon reminded her of a turtle and her makeup had made her look like that. She thought it was a coincidence but it still made her worried so she started the cleansing ritual she held every time she almost got caught. Just before she finished she heard a knock on her door.


Killed By a Turtle: Chapter 1

It all started off as a secret. No one knew her. She was like a ghost, she felt like a ghost as well. A new town, a new identity, a new look. . . It all was so strange. new, exciting and even scary. Once again she had to run and once again she had to find herself but she did it avidly. She had to forget her past, her family, her friends, her name, everything about the old her. She was the outcast of life chased by demons but she also felt like she needed to break free from this old body and image she had. It’s not like it was becoming unbearable, she was just sick of the demons.

“I think my new name will be Luna. It sounds nice and it sounds like it’s from the past, yet it’s nothing like the old name I had. I liked my previous name more but you can’t always get what you want,” Luna thought to herself. She continued on with her new look: pale skin, dark red hair which resembled blood and blue-blue eyes. Not just ordinary blue, she wanted her eyes to pop, they had to be so bright people were afraid to look at her but instead they made people want to stare her in the eye. The one thing Luna hated so much about her was her body type, the one thing she lacked power of changing. She was short but well toned and thin, she also had some curve which made her even more desirable.

Her old friends from her previous identity told her how amazing she was but it just annoyed her and she didn’t listen their compliments. But the need of being appreciated and loved consumed her so she sometimes took desperate measures to win people’s approval, whether it was with looks or personality.

Even though she was chased by demons and no-one cared about her pathetic life, or that’s what she thought at least. She liked to live her life the way it was and she was so obsessed of the challenge between herself and the demons.

Luna thought of herself as a free bird who has been undiscovered. It was true in a way. She did love to sing and she was still unnoticed. It made her feel like she was free. This was the first time she actually was starting to feel satisfied with her life and the thought of going through the painful change made her sad but also scared, she never knew how fast the demons will find her and she felt like the next change will be the last she’ll survive.

She used to live in London, she did like it there but this had been too much for her. She did born in a small town in Scandinavia and she didn’t like the lively London as much. Now she wanted to go close to her roots but the thing is that she can’t go back to a place she had lived before because the demons would pick up her track with a matter of a few minutes. She went to live on a country called Estonia because she’d thought it was a clever choice, the demons would never suspect her living in a country so small and so sparsely populated. Luna moved around the big metropolis a lot but also big towns but this country was miniature even if you compare it to a big city, she thought that the demons won’t come to look after her in such a small place because they knew she wouldn’t be so stupid and she was happy  for her somewhat smart move.


Luna’s first task was to find herself a place to stay. She wanted a place where she could live luxuriously and that was close to the school she went to. Luna was actually centuries older than 16 but she looked like one so just to be safe she lived the life of a typical 16 year old.

Luna found herself a lovely school and an even lovelier apartment. The girl wasn’t too thrilled to go to school but she still did it because she new she was safe that way. The school started for her in the next term, Luna had talked to the headmaster and they had agreed that it was better to start next term not in the middle of one.

Luna hated going to school because she had been living for too long and therefore had seen all the historical events, she was just annoyed how stupid people were and how badly they took note of history. She also had trouble making friends. Luna tried to fit in but since she usually came into schools in the middle of the year she could never completely fit in. Her weird absences didn’t really help either.