Rhyming exercise

Hello everyone!

Today I’m writing abother poem. This time it was a rhyming poem… or well it was supposed to be a rhyming poem. I know it would be nice to learn all of the different aspects of poetry and try to recreate them but then again I feel like poetry is about emotions and this time I couldn’t make the poem to rhyme. I do feel like I have improved a bit in the whole poetry are but I guess I’m not the greatest judge on that so some feedback would be nice.

I ran down the road so gloomy,
There were no souls nor any flowers blooming.
I knew that I had arrived home.
I saw a lake so dark and walked to its shore,
I decided to go for a swim and I would’ve,
But there was a soul like me,
So lonely and done with life.
He looked me in the eye and I stared at him.
He asked me for a walk,
And then he started to talk.
I looked at him once and realised I was no more.

Okay now when I look at the poem again I understand that it is pretty bad… Oh well, isn’t that how one learns?


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