Imagery exercise from a poetry course

Hello everyone!

I’m back with more poetry this time from a free poetry course I’m currently taking online. I will add the link here. You can check it out, I won’t say any of my opinions yet on the whole course because I’ll do that whenever I finish with it. Right now I’ve been taking it pretty slowly.

Here’s the first poem I created on the course, I haven’t named it yet and I probably won’t. Also I want to tell you that some poems from the course will be a bit weird but I will add them here anyways , just to document all the things that are happening on my journey of poetry.

A lonely biker riding on a beautiful sunset
Waves slowly creeping to the shore
The wet sand under the wheels of the slightly rusty bike
The sweet smell of fresh rain and seaweed from the sea
The salt in the now so calm sea water
Lonely yet strong

Ann :3


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