I Am the One Who

Trigger warning! This poem talks about suicide. If you have similar thoughts of your own please reach out for someone. I know it is hard but you will benefit so much from it. If you don’t want to reach out for someone professional then you can contact me by asking my contact info down below.

Hi guys!

This poem is one of the last ones I’m going to write for the poetry course. I hope you enjoy it and I want to say that this poem currently isn’t based on my own thoughts whatsoever, this is just something I came up with while reading the pretty depressing example.

I Am the One Who

I am the one who’s always called the weird one.
I am the one who gets bullied.
I am the one who goes home to cry at night.
I am the one who wants you to be a part of my life.
I am the one who you betrayed.
I am the one who lost my faith in living.
I am the one who killed herself last night.
I am the one who you now miss the most.
I am the one who you called the weird one….



Repetition task 2 – I Never Want to Forget

Hello again.

As you can see this is another poem from the poetry course. The tasks should end soon so I hope that soon I have some other writing challenges or updates on stories or maybe even book reviews to show you. This poem is called I Never Want to Forget and I hope you like it.

I Never Want to Forget

I never want to forget the day I met you.
I never want to forget the times you made my heart melt.
I never want to forget the night you said you loved me,
I never want to forget the special times we had.
I never want to forget the reason why we didn’t last,
I never want to forget our last goodbye.
But I have to forget because remembering causes more pain.
So I’m sorry that I forgot because this is what set me free.

I’m actually quite proud of this poem. I feel like I did a good job with it. I don’t think the poetry course is teaching me something too new because I feel like poems are the next level of trying to explain emotions and therefore have to represent your deepest and sometimes darkest emotions. I’m not going to review the course just yet, I will do it when I finish the course or when I write the last poem to it or something because that would be a great conclusion to it.

I hope you enjoyed,
Ann :3

Rhyming exercise

Hello everyone!

Today I’m writing abother poem. This time it was a rhyming poem… or well it was supposed to be a rhyming poem. I know it would be nice to learn all of the different aspects of poetry and try to recreate them but then again I feel like poetry is about emotions and this time I couldn’t make the poem to rhyme. I do feel like I have improved a bit in the whole poetry are but I guess I’m not the greatest judge on that so some feedback would be nice.

I ran down the road so gloomy,
There were no souls nor any flowers blooming.
I knew that I had arrived home.
I saw a lake so dark and walked to its shore,
I decided to go for a swim and I would’ve,
But there was a soul like me,
So lonely and done with life.
He looked me in the eye and I stared at him.
He asked me for a walk,
And then he started to talk.
I looked at him once and realised I was no more.

Okay now when I look at the poem again I understand that it is pretty bad… Oh well, isn’t that how one learns?

More Imagery Exercises

Today I will bring to you 2 imagery exercises. So they are a bit wonky at least in my opinion. The topics were a bit weird but I guess for an exercise they were pretty easy.

A music concert

Loud guitars and drums
Sweaty metalheads moshing in the middle of the arena
But in the end it’s only you,
Music and the freedom within you.

My bedroom

My sactuary
It is so close to my heart
I don’t want to leave

Hope you enjoyed. Like I said they are a bit on the weirder side but very enjoyable indeed 😀

Ann :3

Imagery exercise from a poetry course

Hello everyone!

I’m back with more poetry this time from a free poetry course I’m currently taking online. I will add the link here. You can check it out, I won’t say any of my opinions yet on the whole course because I’ll do that whenever I finish with it. Right now I’ve been taking it pretty slowly.

Here’s the first poem I created on the course, I haven’t named it yet and I probably won’t. Also I want to tell you that some poems from the course will be a bit weird but I will add them here anyways , just to document all the things that are happening on my journey of poetry.

A lonely biker riding on a beautiful sunset
Waves slowly creeping to the shore
The wet sand under the wheels of the slightly rusty bike
The sweet smell of fresh rain and seaweed from the sea
The salt in the now so calm sea water
Lonely yet strong

Ann :3