I wanna be a bird

I wanna be a bird,
I wanna fly above the sky.
I wanna be a bird,
I wanna feel  the wind blow,
Wind through my wings,
Wind through my soul.

I wanna be a writer, a poet.
I wanna let the words flow through me.
I want to make people listen.
Listen to something I have to say,
Listen to my little thoughts
Listen to my big dreams.

I wanna be the person,
Who my parents dreamed I would be.
Unfortunately I’m, not.
I’m not even the person who I wanna be.
I’m the person life has shaped me to be.
Do I wanna be that person?

This is my little poem. I have no idea how it turned out but I want to experiment with poems. I really like the way people play with words when they write poems, also maybe some of my poems can be used as song lyrics for my band.

This is about the third poem I’ve ever written so I’m happy to hear the feedback and hear what you think. I hope you enjoyed.



One thought on “I wanna be a bird

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