Seasons Change: Summer

She took his hand and laughed as she dragged him to the water. He made a grunt to show his displeasure of being forced to go somewhere he didn’t want to go. He had made a big fuss about going to the lake, what was so cool about it? They’d found it earlier in the week when they were exploring the woods near his house. The sunlight had been pouring through the breaks in the branches of the trees, which meant everything was dappled in soft light. She had fallen in love with the place, whereas he just shrugged it off and wanted to continue exploring. He’d agreed to go back eventually, to shut her up mainly.
Her laugh was infectious and he was soon laughing along with her. He didn’t expect her hands to touch his chest and – as she gave a wild laugh – she simultaneously tilted her head back and pushed him into the warm lake. He broke the through water giving her a shocked look. She laughed even harder at his expression until he pulled her in with him. She shrieked and then giggled as his hands stayed on her waist, making sure she didn’t get completely wet.
She shouted at him through the giggles asking him why he pulled her in. He responded with a slow kiss that she felt all the way through her. She responded back to him and he started to run his hands through her hair. She made a noise and pulled away. He gave her a confused look in return. She gave him a sad smile and swam to the edge of the lake to climb out. She turned back to him and waved, the sad smile still gracing her face, and walked away.
He was left in the lake feeling bewildered as he watched her fade into the woods. He brought his hand to his lips, they were swollen and he could still taste her. He felt hurt that she had gone and wondered why she had left him.