Seasons Change: Spring

There was a light drizzle outside so they had been forced to stop their outing for the day. His laughter filled the dreary room and the girl in front of him had a light blush on her cheeks, slightly uncomfortable with his reaction to what she had said. He stifled his laughter until it was just short giggles at her expense. He opened his arms wide for her and she crawled in, feeling instantly safe.
A film played in the background, but they weren’t paying any attention. Too caught up in each other’s company to care. His fingers found a bit of her bare skin peeking out from the jumper she was wearing and traced intricate patterns. She let out a content sigh and buried her head further into his chest.
The rain tapping at the windows had made them both sleepy and it wasn’t long before her breathing had changed to that of a person sleeping. He disentangled his arms from around her body and carefully got up to find a blanket for her. He draped it over her then crawled underneath it himself, wrapping his arms back around her and returning to tracing patterns on her skin. He placed a kiss to her temple and soon joined her in sleeping.