It has been a while…

Dear Jarrett,

It has been a while since I’ve written you… I guess it is nearing 90 years…

I’m sorry I messed up your life like this. I thought we were real, I thought you love me forever because I sure do… I have no idea where you are but I know that you visit this place from time to time.

To be honest I don’t know why I wrote this letter. I know I messed up your life by changing you and I am truly sorry for that. If I know you (which I’m not sure of anymore because of our last meeting) then this whole situation bothers as much as it does me… Maybe we can talk about it? I have learned a lot since our last meeting 100 years ago… I was young and stupid then, I mean how much do you know at 24? Especially if you’ve been just changed? I want to help you, I want to ease your pain. 

I totally understand if you don’t want to meet me but if you do then I celebrate my birthday still at the beach near our old tree… Someone treated me just like I treated you and I see now how it affected me, I’m sorry for that and I want to make it up for you… I have changed and I guess you can see it from the style of this letter… I truly am sorry and I hope you care about me enough to even reply to this small letter. I know I should’ve probably written this a lot sooner but I was afraid… I was afraid of your reply and now am worried whether you’ll get it on time…

You’re the one who knows all of my dirtiest secrets and you know me… You know my mind and you’ve learned to know the every muscle in my body… I wish I could erase the past, I wish I could give you back your human life… I just wish I hadn’t fucked up your life and now I’m begging for your forgiveness….

Yours faithfully,