Eternal Vampyre: Chapter 4, Rose

Rose had been walking for a few weeks. Her skin was slightly burned from where she hadn’t been careful in the sunlight, but she wasn’t paying much attention to her vampyrism. Her feet had blisters from all the walking and she knew she had to stop soon. She found somewhere to sit in the forest she had found a few days ago and let out a deep sigh. She was tired and wanted to sleep so badly, but she couldn’t get the image of Vlad out of her mind. He had really scared her, so much so that it was haunting her. She usually had feelings about people, whether they were good or not, but Vlad has something different about him. He seemed  . . . evil. It’s the only word she could use to describe. Nothing like her caring husband.
Her husband. Oh yes, she reminded herself, I forgot about him. She suddenly felt guilty about leaving him with no proper explanation. She wasn’t ready to tell him about the time vampyres had threatened her family. How terrified she was of them. That wasn’t to say she had anything against being a vampyre; she enjoyed the powers it gave her, how it made her feel. But she hated the fact that she was like one of them. She remembered the two men that came into her parents’ garden as she was playing with the dolls her grandmother gave her. She may have been a young woman, but she loved the dolls dearly. The vampyres, she later found out, were on a hunt, even though it was quite early in the day. She waved to them, but they marched past her, trampling the flower bed her mother spent so much time on. They’d gone into her house and taken her parents. Apparently the men had been threatening her mother and father for some time, but they never once told her.
After that Rose had isolated herself until she met William. He had helped her through the tough time she had faced, even if he wasn’t aware of it. He had offered to turn her into a vampyre and she agreed. At first she was reluctant, to the change, but as they grew closer she became happier. The memories she had connected to being a vampyre disappeared and they were better memories. She sometimes thought about who those men were, but she knew that when she find them, they’d pay for it.

She shook herself out of her journey down memory lane and got up. She decided she would write another letter to William and say she was coming home, as long as Vlad wouldn’t be there. She felt much calmer than she had done after being around Michael and Vlad for a while, they riled her up in way she wasn’t used to. She had wondered once whether they were connected in someway to her parents’ disappearance but she waved it off.

Rose wrote the letter in a scrawl, very unlike her usual neat handwriting and held on to it as tightly as she could. She marched through the woods and walked for a few miles before she came to a village. She sighed as she found a letterbox and posted the letter through the gap. Human life seemed so tempting, but she couldn’t think about it for long otherwise she’d get too attached and it’d hurt her even more.

It seemed like forever to walk back to the home she had with William, even though she knew it wasn’t long at all. She thanked her good sense of direction to find the right paths that led her pretty much back the way she came. She was slowed by her soreness but the promise she had made to William was her driving force to get back home.


Eternal Vampyre: Chapter 4, William

William woke up like he usually did, lying there with his eyes closed. He could feel that something was wrong. He couldn’t hear Rose’s thoughts and that woke him up completely. He almost jumped out of the coffin and found her letter.

My dearest William,

I know that I shouldn’t leave now but Vlad has freaked me out. I don’t know where I’m going or how long I’ll be lost. I might ignore your thoughts because I need this time to figure it all out. When I’m back I might open up for Vlad but I’m not sure if I can handle with it.

You know I love you and I’d take you everywhere but I’ve not found peace with my past and I’m not ready to share it yet. This time alone will help me find peace and confidence to share it. I’ll send you letters from time to time but don’t write me back.

Yours truly,


He read it over and over, but he couldn’t believe what had happened. He tried to contact Rose but she was too far already, he didn’t know what to do. He went to her room, trying to find anything that might hint to where she could be, but he couldn’t find anything. She had taken some of her clothes with her, but other than that her room was untouched, like no-one had ever lived there.

William collapsed, he loved her so much. He is strong, usually, but when it comes to Rose he’s weak. He just fell to the floor and cried.

The next few weeks seemed like years to William, he barely ate something and spent all of the time searching for Rose. He was out as much as he could and slept one or two hours a day. Even though Vlad seemed to be careless he started to worry about William, he did everything to put some sense into him but nothing really helped.

Then, one day, there was a letter on William’s pillow. He almost tore the letter in pieces.