Eternal Book Club: September

Hello there!

It’s that time again where we’re writing up the new book club! 😀 So this month we’ve decided on books from 2009 onwards. We’re going to recommend you our picks, so here we go!

Jess: I’m picking Night School by CJ Daugherty for mine. I really love this series and think that Allie is such a great character. My mum got it for me when it had come out (she thought it seemed like something I’d be interested in) and I was soon hooked. I’ve loved watching the characters develop and the storylines have gripped me, so I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s got the perfect mixture of fighting, romance, self-discovery and intrigue that I sometimes feel is missing from Young Adult stories these days.

Ann: It was really hard for me to pick anything because all of the books I’ve been reading lately have been published on the 90s but I picked “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Nikki Sixx. I just think I have a lot to say about this book. I think this book is a piece of art and I think it’s very well-balanced. The photos in this book support the storyline and you always learn new stuff while reading it. This isn’t this kind of book you finish and could start all over again just because it being so good. This book is extremely good but there needs to be some time between readings so you could process it all and understand everything he wants to say in it.
I read it for a while, not because I didn’t like it but just because I took notes and took some time to think about some of the things he brought out in this book.

We’ve set up a Goodreads account, so here is the link and it’s also on the side of the blog for you to see! We hope to add books we’ve read there so that you can see more of what we’re reading and what we thought of them.

Comment down below your books for 2009 onwards and we’ll be sure to check them out!
Until next time!
Ann & Jess