Eternal Book Club: August

Hi there!

My name is James and I’m here to tell you about a project me and my friends are running. It’s a book club that we all invite you to join.

Steven, Luna and I will be speaking to you each month with a new book to share with you. You may have read some of these before (as quite a few are popular) but it should be fun all the same to re-read them. As part of this club, it’d be very helpful if you wrote a post on your blog (or in a comment to this and future posts) leaving an answer to the questions we ask and whether or not you enjoyed the book and why. Here are some examples, of course you can do it your own way.

For this month we’d like you to introduce your favourite book. You don’t need to write much about it, just a few sentences of why you love it and – if it has an adaptation – what you thought of it.
My favourite book is the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling. You may have heard of it, as it is quite popular. I do find it quite amusing how the humans are obsessed with all things magic and supernatural. They do their best at writing those genres. This one was quite well written and I do love to re-read them from time to time. It does have a successful film adaptation, which I also enjoyed, even if they weren’t exactly true to the books. Proving you should read the books first, if you enjoy more details, in my opinion.


Well, that is all. I hope you enjoy this project, I look forward to your responses.


One thought on “Eternal Book Club: August

  1. Hey there!
    I’m Luna 🙂 Nice to meet you all. I’ll be doing the next month’s post, I’m so excited about that 😀
    My current favourite is “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Nikki SIxx ( I find it very inspirational and I think it should be read from time to time because it helps to remember what’s really important in this life. I don’t like his writing style that much but I like the thought and idea he has put into the book so I still end up reading it. I also like that the book is well designed, everything looks very well put together and thought through and it’s a book and a piece of art all in once
    Talk to you all next month 🙂
    – Luna

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