Eternal Vampyre

Chapter Two


“I hope you don’t mind me doing this, dear Rose,” said Vlad. Rose gave him a concerned look and took a step backwards. “Oh, don’t be afraid. It’s not anything to worry about. Now come here.” Rose took a few steps forward, looking back over her shoulder hesitantly to see William keeping his guard. She turned to face Vlad again and he held the sides of her head, his thumbs resting on her temples.
“What I do now?” She asked, hoping for an answer that would reassure her.
“Just stay still and let me concentrate.” Vlad was mumbling some words to himself. That made Rose anxious and she tried to send a message to William.
“I can’t help you if you don’t trust me and won’t let me concentrate,” Vlad was getting angry and frustrated because it was hard for him to get to her mind. She couldn’t relax and Vlad felt a wall protecting her mind. He kept on mumbling his words while sending messages to William, they weren’t close with him at all but it was one of Vlad’s powers.
Maybe I should calm her down, she is my wife after all. I can break down her walls and then you can come in to do what you need to do. Vlad smiled to himself as he looked at William’s face, which was full of concern. He nodded and let William take over.
“Rose, I want you to close your eyes. Can you do that for me?” William noticed she had fear in her eyes before she closed them. “You’re going to be okay, dear. This is to fix you, it’ll be worth it. You can trust Vlad, he may seem untrustworthy but that’s just him. I love you, Rose. You’re safe with me.” He embraced her then took her hand in his. He could tell she was still relaxed, so nodded to Vlad to take over. Vlad placed his hands back on her temples, she jumped a bit because his hands were colder from regular vampyre’s hands.
He started mumbling again and immediately Rose tensed up, William saw it and started calming her: “Rose, honey, relax. It’s okay, I’m here with you. You’ll be alright Vlad will fix it.” Then he felt Rose relaxing again and shut up for Vlad to keep on working.
Vlad entered her mind and started looking for memories: “Rose I need you to imagine a room full of doors, each door represents a memory. Keep all of the doors open, if you don’t want me to see something then tell me but don’t lock the door.” Rose nodded and did as Vlad had said. He journeyed through a few childhood memories, trying to see if anything was wrong. He got to her teenage years, before being a vampyre. He came across one memory that intrigued him, it was shrouded in a dark cloud. He was about to look at it when her voice interrupted him.
“I’m sorry,” she spoke softly, like a child who was scared. “I can’t let you see that. It’ll hurt too much. I’ve tried to forget about it. Don’t go in there.” He let out a noise of impatience but skipped the memory that Rose didn’t want him to see. It was better to keep himself on her good side than to ruin the exploration.
Vlad continued his explorations and then Rose fainted. Vlad snapped out of his trance like state. William was worried and carried her home. Vlad followed him: “It’s completely normal that it happens, she locked the door like I told her not to. Every time she locks a door she’ll faint, she might see some nightmares now because she didn’t let me help. We have to continue this.”
“We’ll see if she wants to continue, now be our guest,” William was still polite to him even though he was worried and hurt and didn’t know what to do in order to help his wife. “Enjoy the house, feel free to explore. I need to take her to our coffin.”
William carried her up the stairs to their room. He placed her inside it and stroked her hair until he felt sure she would be relaxed enough. He checked her pulse and it was the slow beat that all vampyres had.
It was getting late so William brought some blood bags in case Rose woke up, she hadn’t eaten in a while and that made him worry even more. Vampyres’ energy would drain if they hadn’t fed for a long period of time.
Then he went to sleep, he took her into his arms and made sure she was warm, he didn’t worry about Vlad, he had always been stubborn and never really cared of the rules vampyre life had given to him.
It was a rough night for William and Rose. Rose had many nightmares and William tried to calm her every time she woke up.
“You’re okay, I’m here.” He repeated constantly. Hearing his voice would help Rose to calm down until the next one.
Eventually, she woke up at a human time. She hadn’t seen the full daylight in a long time, but still knew to be cautious of the windows. She got out of the coffin, her whole body screaming at her for doing so. She reached for the blood bags William had left for her and fed hungrily. She made a complete mess of them, with blood dripping down the dress she wore. She went to the wardrobe and picked out an old, white, long sleeved dress and put it on. It made her look ghostly, which she was proud of. She kissed William on the cheek then wandered downstairs.
She wasn’t really sure where she was going, but she knew she had to get away for a while. She went down to the basement and waited until the sun was starting to go down, she knew that William wouldn’t wake before midnight so she had some time to leave. She entered William’s room and wrote a letter to him:
My dearest William,
I know that I shouldn’t leave now but Vlad has freaked me out. I don’t know where I’m going or how long I’ll be lost. I might ignore your thoughts because I need this time to figure it all out. When I’m back I might open up for Vlad but I’m not sure if I can handle with it.
You know I love you and I’d take you everywhere but I’ve not found peace with my past and I’m not ready to share it yet. This time alone will help me find peace and confidence to share it. I’ll send you letters from time to time but don’t write me back.
Yours truly,

She left the house and the grounds behind, not looking back once.


Eternal Vampyre

Chapter One

They woke up just after midnight, tired from the day before’s happenings. Rose had managed to get some sleep, much to William’s relief. He didn’t get as much sleep, as he kept waking up to check on Rose. He sent a thought to her to let her know he’d get their breakfast ready and that she should stay in their coffin. She tried to protest and moved to get up, but William pushed her back down and repeated his order. She nodded and curled back up.
William went to the kitchen and gathered up the blood bags. He noticed they were running low, so thought he could use the excuse of a hunt to mask his meeting with his brother.

He went back to the bedroom and knocked on the coffin “Your breakfast, mademoiselle,” he did it with an extremely bad French accent so they both bursted out laughing. When they had calmed down William told Rose that he needs to get some more blood bags and that he’ll be back in 3 hours. He also told her to check to the library, which was in the 2nd floor. Rose was slightly confused, but said her goodbyes to William and made her way to the library.

She climbed the stairs and opened the door the library. She loved the smell of the books, they were all old and dusty. She loved the old hardback covers, much better than the modern paperbacks that people seemed to use. She saw on the table a big book. She tilted her head in curiousity and walked over to it. She picked it up and turned it over a few times. It was a brown book but with no inscriptions anywhere on the cover. She opened it to a random page and a dried rose fell out. She laughed to herself and picked it up. She took the rose and went to put it away to her flower frames she had set up few weeks ago. Next to the flower frames she saw a small chest, it had her next clue in it, she felt like she was a little kid again. She opened the chest and inside it was an old fashioned key, one like her mother used to wear around her neck on a chain. She picked it up and noticed a small piece of string tied to it. Immediately a memory came to her of the garden room, something she and William had been working on for a couple of years. It was a very happy memory. William had gotten bored of the flowers so decided to splash her with water from the hose. She knew she shouldn’t have trusted him with it.

She picked up her dress and ran down the two flights of stairs to the garden room, unlocking the partial glass door with the key. She found her next clue there. It was a small claw and immediately she knew she had to go to William’s personal room. She took the claw and went there. It was messy so she had hard time but finally she had found what she was looking for.

Another chest, another clue. It was smaller chest than the ones she had found before. Inside contained a small piece of paper. She reached out and unfurled it. Written on it in familiar curved writing was a message. It read:

My dear Rose,

I hope you enjoyed your trail and the memories I know it will have brought to you. Meet me at the chapel, I know you liked it there. I’ll have brought my friend with me. He can help you.

Love forever,


Rose got really excited. She ran down to the chapel and wanted to see who that person was. She opened the doors and immediately saw William with his friend. Rose didn’t recognise him. She knew most of William’s friends but he was someone she had never met. He was taller than William and looked pretty creepy, he had a stern face and he creeped Rose out.

William walked up to her and hugged her because he had felt how she feels about him.
“Rose, this is my friend Vlad,” he gestured to him. “He knows a lot about vampyres. Kind of an expert, if you will. He’s quite an age, if he doesn’t mind me saying.”
“Not at all, dear friend. Now, Rose, what a lovely woman you are,” he smiled in a peculiar way. “Tell me, what has been going on in your mind.”
Rose crossed her arms and turned her head to the side. William shook his head and sent a thought to Rose saying she should trust Vlad.
“Fine. Every time I’ve got angry about something, I’m uncontrollable. That’s it.” Vlad nodded, he had seen stuff like that before. It wasn’t that common but he sees it from time to time, he just didn’t expect it to happen with such a great friend like William was.