Eternal vampyre: 10 Years Later

They were walking through the grounds of their house where they had spent their honeymoon all those years ago. William had decided to get it back to a habitable state, as the few rooms he had redone were not enough to live in. The moon was casting its glow on their faces, making the pale skin shine even brighter. Rose turned to William and looked into his eyes. It seemed like he had aged several years, when in reality that wasn’t possible. They’d lost a few friends to human hunters and it had taken its toll on the both of them. Now they just wanted to go back in time and enjoy themselves.

William had prepared a surprise for Rose. He had organised a beautiful dinner for just the two of them. He had set up a beautiful table but had left the dining room itself as it was, cobwebs, dusty pictures, everything was untouched. While Rose admired the room, William pulled out a chair for her and guided her into it. William sat in a chair next to her and helped himself to the food. Although they thrived on blood, they still enjoyed the taste of normal food. William had made it all himself because they didn’t want anyone involved in restoring this house.

He had attempted to make some pasta for her. He knew she loved all things Italian, after having spent time there after she had been turned. He had failed terribly though, cooking happened to be the only thing he couldn’t do. She appreciated the thought though and that was all that mattered in that moment. When they had finished off the meal with two blood bags each, which left a nicer taste in their mouths, they got up and made their way into the ballroom to play some old music on the record player.

They sent images to themselves from dances they have been to and also shared their memories from human times.

William had enjoyed life as a human, he had many good memories about it. He was extremely pissed when he found out that he had been turned into a vampire. Now, he loved a life as a vampyre and couldn’t even imagine life as a human. Rose, on the other hand, enjoyed vampyre life better than her human one. She loved the power and other opportunities that came with it. That wasn’t to say she had bad memories of human life, they were just different to her vampyre ones. She felt like she was made for vampyre life, everything she had experienced was so much better as a vampyre.

They both snapped out of their thought process when the song ended. Rose jumped around Williams next and hugged him, William was surprised and didn’t know how to act. Rose sensed that and sent him a message of apology. William shook his head and returned the hug.

There was a knock at the door that made them both jump. William let go of Rose and put his finger to his lips.

“Wait here, I’ll investigate.” Rose nodded and did as she was told, watching him as he left the room. The door flew open and Michael stepped in, he was alone this time and extremely confident: “So, where’s my room?” William was still pissed at him so he replied rudely: “Why do you think you have a room here, in our house?”

“Why shouldn’t I? I’m your brother.”

“You stopped being my brother when you joined them.” Michael was speechless, he didn’t think William would bring it up.

“My dear brother, are you really bringing that up? We all make the wrong choices at some point in our lives.”

“Don’t pretend you’re the victim in this, you have done things no one could forgive.”

“Sorry, I feel bad about this and I’m in trouble right now. Could you please help me?”

“You don’t get it at all, don’t you?” William got mad and was almost screaming at him. Rose heard that and went to see what’s wrong. “Oh, it’s you again,” she said it with that weird power which William last felt at their reception, he sent a thought of worry to Rose. Rose ignored it, she could deal with this herself.

“Why so feisty, dear sister in law?” He didn’t expect what happened next. Rose had him up against the wall in a flash.

“Do not call me that again,” she growled. “I will have your head and you know I’m capable of doing so. We do not care for your problems, don’t bring them into our life.”

Michael looked scared and begged for her to release him. She blocked his thoughts so that she could concentrate. William instead pulled her away from Michael, worried what she could do to him. However troubled his relations were with Michael, he didn’t want him hurt.

Michael ran away but something had happened so William started listening his thoughts again. He sent out a thought to him and said that they should meet tomorrow and that he’ll find a place for him to live. Michael was grateful and promised to tell William everything.

Rose seemed to have cooled down, she was panicking about what had happened. She didn’t mean to hurt Michael and was actually worried about him. William calmed her but didn’t tell her that he’ll meet him tomorrow, he was still worried about that power she got when she was pissed at someone.

He suggested they go back to the ballroom and dance for a bit. Rose agreed and they made their way back. William had his arms tightly around Rose, one round her waist and the other cradling her head to his shoulder. Rose started to cry at the gesture and William felt at a loss of what to do. William sent a thought to her head and then spoke “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just scared and I have no idea what to do about it.”

“It’ll be okay, it’s nothing serious. We’ll go and find my older friends and I’m sure they know how to help.”

It was getting late so they went to their coffin. Rose couldn’t fall asleep and stayed silent until William was sleeping. Then, she burst into tears, she hoped that William won’t hear her but she forgot that William’s hearing was better than any other vampire’s. He woke up and hugged her, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. Why does it happen every time I’m angry?”

“I’m not sure, dear. I promise we will figure it out tomorrow. Please, try to sleep, for me.” He gave her a hug and settled back down. She nodded to herself and curled into him.


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