Eternal Vampyre: Honeymoon

It was a beautiful night with a huge thunderstorm. They had picked this kind of weather, it was perfect for their honeymoon. William had chosen the perfect place for them to stay. It was near the place where they first met, Rose had no idea where they were going but she enjoyed the secretive side of William.
“Where are we going?” Rose said, through laughter. William shook his head and kept leading. Rose followed his steps and soon realised where they were. William turned round and saw the smile on her face as she recognised the architecture . He grabbed her hand and led her up the steps of the old building. It was a little run down since they’d last been there, but it added to the magic of the evening. Rose couldn’t hold back her smile, William saw her radiating happiness and he just needed to kiss her but she saw it coming and she ran away from him. William ran to catch her, it looked like two animals playing with each other, they fit so well with the old architecture and they both felt like they were back in the early 1800s. Finally, William caught Rose and gave her a kiss. They both could feel some kind of a sensation going through their bodies and they became as one.
“What was that for?” Rose whispered, her hands pressed against William’s chest.
“So many questions.” William gave a low growl into her ear. “Come on, dear, we must stop with the questions. You’re my wife now.” Rose shuddered at the intimacy, she had never quite gotten used to that.
“You’ve always treated me like you owned me. Such an animal attraction.” Rose looked into his eyes and saw something she couldn’t quite place. Rose had never seen that look before and asked cheekily: “Is this your new husband look?” William was a bit confused and didn’t know what to reply, so he hugged her and replied as cheekily: “Maybe.” Then Rose pushed William over , ending up with her on top of him. She held his arms down and gave a sly grin.
“I’ve gotten stronger.”
“You caught me by surprise, dear.” In a flash he’d flipped them over. “I win.” He leaned down to kiss her, when his lips met the floor. He looked up to see his wife, standing over him, laughing wildly. Her hair was all over the place and the dress she had been wearing was falling off her shoulders slightly. He couldn’t get over her beauty, how lucky he was to have met her that day in the gardens.
He stood up and walked over to her. He grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs, to where he remembered her favourite room was. The room hadn’t changed with time at all. The walls had the same wallpaper as it used to have, it hadn’t even faded a bit. It had a beautiful floral pattern on it and the floor was made of dark wood, it didn’t look like the interior on that time period was. It was very futuristic for that time. William had kept it as it was, he’d bought the place after they’d met because he’d knew this will end with a marriage one day.
He stood by the door frame and let Rose enter the room by herself. She slowly walked into the centre, surveying every inch of the place with wide eyes. All the events that had occurred here came flooding back to her, causing her head to tilt backwards as they hit her. William was by her side to hold her steady.
“Are you alright?” He whispered.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Just a strong connection.” She gave a weak smile to him and moved over to the chair she had once spent so long in. William watched her cautiously, ready to help her if she needed it. There was a lot about that room that William didn’t know, he wouldn’t have kept it the same if he had known the memories Rose did. Soon he noticed that Rose was crying, he was next to her hugging her within a second. He could hear all the emotions and stories through her mind. They both felt the even stronger connection going they now had, you could almost see it. Then there was a complete change of emotions. They both felt happy again and Rose dragged William with her. William didn’t know that but Rose had been visiting this place since they met and worked on a room for William. It was down in the basement because she knew William loved to be underground and in the woods, he liked to be a part of the nature.
As they neared the room, Rose put her hands over his eyes and sent a thought to him: “Mind the rafter.” William ducked and Rose opened the door with her free hand. She removed the hand and pushed him forwards. He opened his eyes and drank in the room. There were a few glass cases around the room, filled with taxidermy. He grinned as he remembered his animal hunting days, before he turned into what he is.
“Do you like it?” Rose asked. William hugged her and nodded.
“Of course I do. I love anything you do.” He replied. There was a moment of silence when William walked around the room and observed every single detail in the room. Then Rose could hear Williams thoughts, memories and emotions rushing through his head. Rose knew only a small bit of it so she listened carefully, intrigued by his thought process. It had been a shocking and emotional day for both of them, so they went for a late night hunt, to bring in more thrill and excitement to run with the time.


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