Eternal Vampyre: Wedding Special (William)

Woke up as usual. I was so anxious to see my dear Rose. Usually we’d have breakfast together but today I was alone. I didn’t know how to act and what to do. I went for an early hunt but I couldn’t really eat. I knew I had to spend a day amongst humans because me and Rose had made mostly human friends.

I found a hobo, he was possibly drunk because his blood tasted like cheap alcohol. Why can’t people understand the simple quote “You are what you eat?”, it would make life easier for all of us. Found a few more hobos and drunk them as well. I was full but I didn’t want to show up there smelling like cheap alcohol so I went to the blood bank and stole some blood for refreshing my breath.

After I had finished with my breakfast and had a lot of time so I went for a long walk in the forests. I like forests, they calm me and make me understand how quickly time passes. People don’t understand that but if you have seen a tree going through the whole life cycle you understand how short is humans lifespan. Forests always give me the feeling I’m like an alien. Even though I’m one of the oldest vampyres alive I still don’t really know how the very first of our kind came to life. It’s pretty ironical, when you know how to make new vampyres and have made at least a dozen yourself. I try to avoid making them because the teaching process takes time and they usually get killed anyways. Many of them won’t survive their first 100 years and every time one of your own vampyres dies you can feel a part of you die, it doesn’t change anything in your life but as it happens it hurts a lot.

It was noon(midnight for all of the human readers out there) and I had arrived to the other side of the forest. Usually I go through half of the planet with the same time but I needed to think and admire this beautiful landscape. I realised there was a lot to be done and I ran back home. I took out my best suit and changed the clothes. I still had one and a half hours before the wedding so I decided to get going. It was a one hour walk and I didn’t want to risk getting late.

We got married in a beautiful place. It was just the two of us. For vampyres you only need yourself and your future wife (you basically drink each others venom and that seals your love for an eternity, if one dies the other will die too), you can have some guests but we wanted to be alone. I arrived there 15 minutes before 2am, I had taken the longer route just to avoid meeting some old friends of mine. I sat there on the sand when I heard her whisper: “I’m here.” If I had a heart I probably would have had a heart attack, she looked amazing. Went through the process and it was amazing, I couldn’t have been more happier then I was. I felt like I was 100 years old again, my broken soul and heart was fixed again… “Together forever?” I asked her as we walked to our small reception afterwards, “together for an eternity,” replied Rose with a huge smile on her face.


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