Eternal Vampyre: Wedding Special (Rose)

I woke up when the moon rose. My stomach was unsettled and my head was spinning. I got up out of my coffin, trying to stop the nerves. I smiled to myself when I saw the beautiful dress I had laid out the night before. One of my human friends had helped me make it. I had become very fond of it.

I went to the dining room and longed to see William standing there, with the usual two blood bags in his hands, but I was alone. I fetched a blood bag for myself out of the cupboard, as I preferred warmer blood to calm my nerves. After I had finished, I called up one of my human friends to help me get things ready. She came over pretty quickly, or as fast as a human can, I suppose. She smiled at me and packed me off to the bedroom where she sat me at the dressing table.

A few hours later, my hair and make up (I favoured the “goth” style, as you humans would call it) was complete. I rose from my seat and made my way to the dress. It was a royal blue velvet dress. The material had been pretty easy to come by, although I’m sure my human friend had other thoughts on how we obtained it. She helped me get it on and told me I looked beautiful. She positioned me in the front of the mirror – and I hope I don’t sound too vain when I say this but I had to agree with her. The royal blue complemented my pale skin and the make up went well with it. I hugged her and bid her farewell, that I’d see her at the reception afterwards.

It was quarter-past one when I had finally finished getting myself composed. I made my out of the house and towards the beach that we had picked for our wedding. My nerves had come back as I was left to my thoughts. I tried to shoo them out of my mind, but by the time I had done so, I was nearing the beach.

I saw him, sat on the sand. I smiled to myself and walked up to him, knowing he’d be able to hear my footsteps if he was listening out for me. He didn’t move, so I whispered into his ear,
“I’m here.” He turned round at the sound of my voice, hugging me.

We went through the process of the marriage, which in vampyre world is drinking each other’s venom. So if one of us were to die, the other will too. We do get very lonely, if we’re left to our own devices. After we had finished, we turned to walk to our reception.
“Together, forever?” He asked.
“Together, for an eternity.” I replied, a smile still on my face.


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